Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Headquartered in Athens, Greece, Machnor S.A. has direct access to and from all of Greece’s key points. Its modern facilities include specially designed offices, conference/seminar rooms and a warehouse.

The company utilises the most robust technical and electronic equipment, so as to respond immediately to customer and supplier requirements, rapidly process orders and effectively coordinate work in the implementation of its projects.

Direct connection and communication is achieved with its state-of-the-art telephone centre and “parallel” devices, for immediate resolution of any kind of issue.

The company’s facilities include a central Redundant Server, an organised network of computers and peripheral equipment as well as the respective software tools with options for constant expansionand upgrades according to the newest versions and applications.

There is also a fully equipped warehouse covering the majority of the automation materials used in a common application. Additionally, sampling equipment is available, while direct services and spare parts can be provided for lifting and repairing faults as well as finding immediately available products through direct access to both this warehouse and those of large companies in the sector.

The design and equipment of the business premises are indicative of the company’s overall philosophy, regarding respect for the environment and humans alike. Consequently, the advanced technology is being used to the fullest for saving paper and energy, while all rooms allow disabled access via a specially designed ramp. Last but not least, all health and safety rules are met and constantly observed, ensuring the wellbeing of the company’s employees and visitors.