The company offers expertise in a wide area of the industry sector and undertakes the design, supply, installation, commissioning and complete technical support of Automation Systems, Process Instrumentation and Low / Medium Voltage subsystems, in new or existing plants.

An automation system can completely control a production line. For example, this includes the transfer of materials, the weighing, dosing, dispensing, CIP, mills, packaging etc.

We undertake the modernisation of machinery used in production, replacing the already equipped conventional automation systems with modern ones.

With the usage of condition monitoring damages that would result in downtimes can be prevented.

The supervision and control of an entire industrial unit, and interconnection of individual systems is accomplished by installing a central SCADA system. The central system not only gives an overview of the operation, but can also be used for the better planning of maintenance work.

Furthermore, there is the option of linking several individual plants belonging to the same group of companies as well as their remote monitoring.

Safety of industrial plants is also vital and thus we offer integrated solutions such as surveillance sites, leakage and fire detection etc.

Some indicative industry sectors in which we provide our services, are:

  • Food Industry (dairy, bakery etc.)

  • Brewery, Soft Drink Industry, Bottling

  • Cement Industry

  • Metallurgy (casting, mills etc)

  • Paper Industry

  • Chemical Industry