Water / Wastewater Treatment

Water / Wastewater Treatment

Our company implements modern Telemetry and Automation Systems to ensure the appropriate management of networks and the proper function and quality of equipment. These systems cover the entire infrastructure framework of:

  • Drilling
  • Tanks
  • Pump Stations
  • Water Supply, Sewerage and Stormwater
  • Irrigating crops and green areas of Municipalities
  • Water Refineries
  • Sewage Treatment Plants

As a result, conservation of water and energy is achieved, while simultaneously protecting public health.

With the application of individual Telemetry Systems of measuring various parameters, conclusions are drawn for leaks, damage, current and future network requirements etc.

It is possible to modernise existing facilities (e.g. wells, reservoirs and pumping stations) with the addition of Process Instruments and Automation Systems.

The Central Management System collects and processes information from all remote stations and individual plants enabling remote monitoring as well as remote control.

In addition, with the usage of Condition Monitoring Systems, pumps can be continuously monitored, preventing failures that would end up in network outages.